August 31, 2017

(Pictured from left to right: Jeff Laudermilk, President of First Bank ; Elsie Sells, First Bank Senior Vice President in Chase ; Jim Hoskins, Chairman of the Board/CEO of  The Baxter State Bank ; Randy Cobb, First Bank Vice President in Lyons )

Elsie Sells Joins the Kansas Bankers Association’s 50-Year Club

Chase Branch Senior Vice President, Elsie Sells, was recently inducted into the Kansas Bankers Association ‘s 50-Year Club.

Elsie started her banking career in 1958 at Chase State Bank. In 1972, Chase State Bank was renamed to Rice County State Bank & Bank Chase until 1996, when it was purchased by First Bank.

Throughout her years, Elsie experienced many changes in the banking industry.

Before computers, everything was hand printed and hand written, and since the invention of computers, she has been through 4 different conversions.

Elsie remembers a time when there was no interest paid on savings accounts, and if there was any, all interest was figured manually. She also recalls when there were no calculators, only adding machines, and banks did not have certificates of deposit.

Throughout her years of banking, she has only been involved in one robbery, in October 2012.

“The robber was very large and had a wig on. He just hopped over the teller counter and told the teller to take him to the vault,” she recalls. “My vault teller kept her cool and did an excellent job, as the robber only got away with her drawer cash, which was later recovered. The robber was caught a few hours later from the good description that was given. It was quite an experience – it makes you more alert, especially to strangers.”

Since becoming a banker, Sells has held various positions and titles, starting from a teller to her current role as Senior Vice President.

“I have had excellent employers through all my years of banking. No doubt my first banker, who was also a 50-Year Member, is looking down saying, ‘Well done, you little Republican.’ To my current employers at First Bank who go the extra mile plus 100%, and for all their employees…Thank You for making banking still a pleasure after 59+ years.”

Jim Hoskins, Chairman of the Board/CEO of  The Baxter State Bank/former Kansas Bankers Association Chairman of the Board, traveled to Chase, KS to recognize Sells’ accomplishments and to present her with a plaque of recognition. Elsie has been in banking 59 years.