September 13, 2017

From Left to Right: Amy Smith (Sterling), Stacey Corwin (Sterling), Teresa Zimmerman (Sterling), and Jamie Schneider (Lyons)

Each year, Digital Center Inc . (DCI) hosts the Annual Bankers Conference . The conference provides in-depth looks at the latest updates from DCI, special guest speakers and industry experts, free classroom training, and one-on-one consultations with DCI experts.

This year, we sent four employees from Lyons and Sterling to attend the DCI conference and bring back valuable information to implement at each of our locations.

Amy Smith – Sterling – reflected on her time, “ I learned so much from this conference! I’m very thankful for the opportunity to learn and grow. My biggest takeaway was to remember to maintain positive relationships. It’s so important to have positive relationships with customers and coworkers alike, no matter the circumstances the day has handed you. Sometimes we let our circumstances get us down but it’s so important to remain positive through it all.

The keynote speaker was Jennifer Blackmon of the Ritz Carlton Leadership Center . Following the keynote, attendees had the opportunity to hear from other industry experts, attend a free iCore360 training, and sit down with DCI President and CEO, John Jones.

Jennifer Blackmon shared her passion on the Ritz-Carlton business practices and let us into her world of a service-excellence culture using key processes like onboarding and empowerment to create legendary service and sustainable success. WOW, I want that for First Bank! ”  Jamie Schneider – Lyons – shared of her experience.

The conference wrapped up with an evening with the Kansas City Royals, who, unfortunately, fell to the White Sox (11-3) that night.

I walked away being reminded of how important people are, how important I am, how important my fellow workers are, and how important my customers are, ” said Schneider – Lyons.